It’s Time to give Your Mac a Little TLC!


It is not uncommon for months and even years to go by and many of us neglect to clean up after ourselves inside and outside of our Macs. Have you wiped your screen clean in the last 6 months? Are there endless unused Apps just sitting there taking up space? Our Mac’s deserve back from us a whole Lotta love and, well, everything. So here’s a short little list of how to clean up your messes and give your Mac some Love!

  1. Let’s Begin with the All that Mail Piling Up!

Are you saying, “What mail?” Probably because you delete all your unwanted emails, and we think that is awesome, you are doing the right thing for your Mac. However, many of us may not realize that when you receive email attachments, often they get downloaded as Mail Downloads. We know most of you simply store needed attachments from email on your desktop, or download them, however, if you accidently double click on these attachments they go into the Mail Downloads and can be hidden there forever. The Mail Downloads file is located in your Library and could be holding megabytes of unwanted mail attachments.

Here’s how to deal with it: Read more

Outcall Services: What to Expect When Coastal Computers Come to You

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________It is not an uncommon day at Coastal Computers to see our Apple Certified Support Pro’s coming and going to our customer’s homes and business to set up Apple systems, identify and fix problems with their Apple or iMac. What is also common is that every member of our Outcall Services team knows their stuff. We hire only the best Apple certified technicians who are always on time, looking professional and are easy to communicate with. Coastal Computers staff are well known for their swift problem-solving strategies, that won’t take up more time than you have. Our set-up time for home or business is pre-calculated. We uphold our premier Outcall Services reputation by always being on time. Coastal Computers promises that a customer will never wait for an appointment to start or end when it is supposed to. And the best part about our Outcall Services is they are affordable! Here’s what to expect when we come to you! Read more

5 Questions Answered About Retina display

Computers built with a sufficient retina display can enhance your viewing experience tremendously. This type of technology utilizes the computers pixels to the point the red, green and blue boxes aren’t able to be detected at all. Here are five commonly asked questions regarding retina display and Mac computers. Read more

Are the New Touchscreens Overrated?


With the long anticipation of the next generation of Apple computers launching soon, many people are wondering what the outcome will be for the latest in touch screen pcs and laptops. Some people claim this feature to be invaluable while others think a touch screen is a bunch of hogwash. In this week’s blog, we attempt to see if It’s worthwhile to have a touch screen or if this is just plain overrated.

Touchscreens have been a device of wonder since 1960 when the first touch screen was introduced by a guy named E.A. Johnson. Mr. Johnson rolled out the idea to engineers in 1969 with the intention of being used for air traffic control. Based off an article written and published by good ole’ E.A., the idea evolved. Eventually, this becomes an optical touchscreen and was introduced by Magnavox as the Plato IV for a student terminal. Read more

OMG! the Best Apple TV EVER!!!


If you’re like many people who subscribe to TV apps such as Netflix and Hulu, you’ll be interested in what’s in this week’s blog. We will be highlighting some of the new features found with Apple TV that will make you fall in love with this digital media player exclusive to the Apple family. Ready, Set, Go!

Since its inception and release in 2006, the HDMI source device has passed through a multitude of upgrades. Apple announced Thursday, October 27th the release of its latest addition to a new TV App. The new app would allow you access and watch your shows from your Apple TV box from anywhere on any device such as the iPad or an iPhone. The app is also accessible by way of Siri who can directly upload your movies with voice commands. Read more

Apple Apps for Your Library

iPad-repair boca raton

This week we’re focusing on some eBook apps for you to check out that will help you create a story of your very own using an Apple device or computer. eBooks are great tools to use for business or for personal memories to be fulfilled. Most of these types of apps will work wonderfully providing you have no issues with your current technology. Get your reading glasses on and get ready to get “apped”!

iBooks Author is the first of the apps to discover. Anybody can create high-end eBooks to be published online or to your personal devices. The latest version of this app is the 2.5 which is introducing more templates, new authentication for posting and overall improved workflow. What’s great about this app is the ability to add music from your iTunes library, you can add video and configure awesome looking layouts to get your point across. This program should be compatible with the next generation MAC computers. However, you will need to be on a MacOS 10.11 or later and holding at least 2 gigabytes of RAM for you to optimize this one. Read more