Happy Holidays from Coastal Computers!


During this busy Holiday Season of shopping and celebrating, Coastal Computers wants to help make selecting the best new Apple device easier than ever. Our Certified Apple Technician Pros have put together a list for Santa Clause on which Apple works best for all the Apple lovers in your family this Holiday Season!

For the College Student:

The best Mac for students is the MacBook Air, as it has the right performance, it is cool, slick, and has a stylish design, and even lots of USB-A ports for easy file transfers so your college student will get those A’s, study easier online, share notes with classmates, and support college level testing browsers.

For the Teenager: Read more

If it’s an Apple, Coastal Computers Can Fix it!

certified-apple-service-boca-ratonDid you Drop Your iPhone, iPad or iMac?

We all get busy and sometimes our hands can’t keep up, and the ever-feared accident happens… you drop your iPhone, iPad or iMac. Do not worry Coastal Computers can fix it! Our Certified Apple Technicians are experts at repairing cracked screens, water damage and anything else that can go wrong if you drop your device. The entire staff at Coastal Computers makes your repair our priority.

So if you’ve dropped your beloved Apple device, fear not — we can help you with affordable and reliable iPhone, iPad and iMac repair.

Your Apple is Never Supposed to Be Slow! Read more

iPad-repair boca raton


All our repairs come with an industry leading 90-day workmanship warranty. If the replaced part fails within 90 days of the repair, we’ll fix it for free!




Did you get that? 

If you aren’t sure what we really mean by ‘Guaranteed Repairs’, then here we will give you a few quick examples of why we always stand behind our work and you as our customer!

At Coastal Computers, The Customer Is Always Right!         

Most of the repairs we make to iPhones, iPads, and Apple systems involve water damage, scratched screens and lost or hiding data we find for you. Then there are equally troubling repairs like a damaged hard drive. No matter the level of problem we know that it is all huge for our customers.

Therefore, we trust your opinion and if you say it is not fixed,  then one of our Certified Apple Technicians will assess it again and fix it again, both FOR FREE! Read more

Be a SMART Apple owner and Take Advantage of Coastal Computers Price Match Policy!

Coastal Computers offers a no fuss price match policy. Our policy is simple. We will price-match any of our competition on new iPhones or iPads and on repairs. So don’t miss this opportunity for all that you get from Coastal Computers.

And with us, you get- US!

Buying from Coastal Computers means you get our expertise and guidance on what you buy. We provide introductory lessons that will give you the confidence you need to control your new Apple device.

Getting your iPhone Or iPad repaired by us also means getting expertise and guidance on how  not to damage your Apple device in the future. When Coastal Computers fixes your Apple we don’t just put it in a box and hand it to you fixed. Our Apple Certified Support Technicians will tell you exactly what the problem was and why it happened. But, most importantly they will tell you how to not repeat the damage again if possible. Read more

If your iMac, iPhone or Apple could talk…

If your iMac, iPhone or Apple could talk…

Pretend for a moment that your iMac, iPhone or Apple device could talk what would it say about you? Would it say you choose to use up all your data on your iPhone to watch movies, instead of downloading them and then get angry when they won’t stream? Or perhaps it would say you are a Wi-Fi junkie, and that you go anywhere and everywhere to get your Wi-Fi fix for free. It might even say that you have more than one iCloud account and that is why you can never find anything. Here we offer a cute impersonation of what your iMac, iPhone or iPad would say about you if it could talk. Read more

Help!! I Need to Learn How to Use My Apple!

If you are new to Apple devices, then don’t feel bad if you feel lost. Apple operating systems are in fact user-friendly, but they are different from Windows, and we get that. What we want you to know is that everyone was new to Apple once just like you, and all you really need are a few pointers, guidance and an easy round of lessons.

Coastal Computers has got your back! We offer One on One Training, Group Training and a whole lot of help for the first-time user, or even the experienced user who just wants to learn more. The only person expected to know it all about Apples is, well, us!

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