All Good Things Must Come to A Malware End

Word is out on the streets that in 2017 Mac has just been infected by its first malware EVER!!! That’s not bad considering Windows has been dealing with this issue for years. In this week’s blog, we reveal some things you should be aware of to determine if your Mac Computer is a target.

Per the big guys on ‘Tech Hill,’ they’re claiming your MacOS is still shielded for the most part from the nasty Malwarebytes. That is, your computer is more protected than if you had Windows 10. While no computer is ever safe from getting infected or subject to all kinds of nastiness, there are things you can look out.

First, this isn’t as new as you might have expected. The company claims that it’s an age-old system that uses the same technique as a hidden file and launch product. Nonetheless, if you’re noticing an extraneous amount of emails you’ve never signed up for, then there could be a problem.

The problem has been titled by Apple and is being called “Fruitfly,” which is a rather cute name. Regardless of the adorable title, it’s been given, make sure that you’re running some Malware system to target any issues before someone steals your information or worse identity. Once you’ve downloaded the program, be sure to run it periodically for any hidden issues.

The good news, there is a cure, by combatting the virus with Malware software that will detect OSX.Backdoor.Quimitchin. This is an old problem and not so new. It’s rather easy to identify and easy to remove.

If you’re needing help or are unsure if you have a problem, bring your computer to our shop for further investigation. Be sure to run backups on all your files and save them to the cloud when you can to double protect yourself from experiencing anything further.

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