Three Tips on Apple’s Macbook Pro You Don’t Want to Miss

apple-mac-repair-boca-ratonThe announcement came on October 3rd that Apple will not be launching its Macbook Pro on October 24th after deciding they needed a stronger retina display. For fans waiting the long overdue upgrade to the Macbook Pro, there’s sure to be some hiccups. Here are three tips on the unit that you don’t want to miss.

They are still rolling out a 13 and Tin 15-inch unit. They’re still targeting the 4th quarter for the launch. But, a recent article revealed these units would get a complete overhaul. “This will reportedly be the first true “overhaul” of the computers in four years, featuring a revamped design with lighter and thinner form factor, wider trackpad, flatter keyboard, and an OLED display/touch panel at the top (where the function keys are now) that Apple is allegedly calling the “Dynamic Function Row.” This feature is undoubtedly excellent news for people who have anticipated the arrival of these powerful laptops.

Another great feature is the AMD Chips that will perform with better graphics. For the smartphonagraphers, this is a super cool upgrade for those wanting a virtual reality boost. Techtimes put it this way Gurman says that most, if not all, of the MacBook Pro models, will house Intel Skylake chips, and for those who need a little more oomph in the graphic processing side of things, there are going to be variants with AMD Polaris units powering things up.” We’re all anxious to see what the Intel chips and AMD have to offer.

In a review found on they claim the sad part of these newer units entails a USB-C being somewhat an inconvenience. “The single USB-C port will continue to be an inconvenience for many. The shallow keyboard isn’t ideal for long-form typing. Other super-slim laptops manage to fit in more powerful processors.” Many people have complained about this in the past, as it wasn’t compatible with other devices such as your smartphone. It will be interesting to see how the masses receives this revamped model.

Some people love the rose-gold color; others seem to have a ‘meh’ attitude toward this finish. Of course, as the computers are finally rolled out the case won’t be as important as the functionality. We’ll keep you updated as we get the news on our end.

If you are in line for one of the Macbook Pro, let us know what your thoughts are. We invite you to share what your take is on the next great Apple product.

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