4 Must-Have Apps That Will Improve Your Productivity

Although technology is a great tool for business and social interaction, smarter phones/tablets/computers have mostly led to more time being spent online or away from work. However, there are apps designed to help you change all that. You can install and download apps that will help you increase your productivity be it at work, at home or at school studying for a test. Check them out below.


Wunderlist is a free-to-use app that allows you to create lists and to-do’s seamlessly at any time. It helps you to plan your time by noting down all the things you plan to do during the day, week, or month. What’s more, you can set reminders which will keep you on your toes in case you forget to do what you had put down on your lists. With just a swipe of the screen, you can view your Wunderlist notes and to-do’s at any time. And in regards to accessibility, you can sync your lists across all your Apple devices. You can even share your lists with family. Wunderlist also allows you to share files and pages that you want to view later so that you can stick to your planned activities.

Site Block

This site, as the name suggests, will block various sites that you do not want to visit while working. As you can imagine, most people spend way too much time on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media sites. With this app, you can identify sites that you do not wish to waste time on and it will prevent you from accessing them. By doing so, this site will force you to stay productive. After all, what else are you going to do? Ever find yourself straying when you’re working only to discover that you’ve been on YouTube for 2 hour? Then this app is just what you need.


FocusList is one app that is damn serious about productivity. It’s designed to help you plan your day ahead and make the most of each minute. The app enables you to list the various activities you want to embark on during any given day. It then asks you to allocate time for each task. It then maps out how your day looks like considering all the activities you want to do. This allows you to re-evaluate your preferences. Throughout the day, it keeps tabs on your activities and even allocates rest breaks. And at the end of the day, it maps out your day’s input to show you how you performed.


As the name of this app suggests, it’s all about tracking your time throughout the day. The app works in a very simple way. It maintains a number of timers on your phone. Each timer records various activities that you are doing throughout the day, e.g. sending emails, holding a meeting, driving, eating lunch, filling out a report, etc. You can create as many tasks as you want. When you embark on task, you simply tap on your phone and it starts that item’s timer. At the end of the day you’re able to see how much time you spend doing what.

There are many more apps out there designed to help you achieve more. It’s not so much which app you choose but what you do with it. So just find an app or choose one of the above and start being more productive.

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