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4 Pieces of Travel Gear for Apple Users

If you’re someone who is an Apple User, which we’re assuming you are, and you travel there are a ton of interesting gadgets and gizmos that can make your trip easier. We found a few cool items that we’ve either used ourselves or have found on the internet that may make your vacation or business trip run more smoothly.

1.)   Plugs and outlets are always difficult to find when waiting to board a plane. It seems there are very few except for charging stations where every passenger appears to be waiting in line for a quick fix of power. has found an incredible solution and one you can’t live without if you’re an avid flyer. This innovative tool allows you to double the outlets and gives you two USB plugins but only uses one electrical outlet. While someone else may have a plug at the top with an iPhone or Smartphone, you can maximize the power without hogging up four different plugs. The perfect solution to an everyday situation. The best part is it folds right up and can fit into a purse or travel bag without taking up a ton of room.

2.)   Next, if you’re someone who tends to turn into a ‘butter finger’ once inside of an airport terminal or a bus, then you won’t want to miss out on the Anti-Drop Ring for your smartphone. The cool thing is you can buy this accessory right from Amazon for less than $20. You can also use the sturdy ring to prop up your iPhone for a little Netflix viewing.

3.)   In addition to what’s hot for your iPhone, things items such as your iPad tend to take a bit of a beating while traveling. One cool item found on which is a super cool website that shows a ton of rad bags and totes that aren’t only super creative carryall’s they’re made with an ultra-sturdy material called Neoprene that can be stored in the freezer. They have the perfect carrying case for iPads that protect the surface. An excellent companion for any expedition.

4.)   Likewise, to the iPhones and iPads, your laptop is a must have. However, these devices are knocked around just while going through security much less shoved into your luggage or bags. The Oxford multi-functional luggage with storage bag is an excellent way to prevent anything from happening to your computers and other devices. One of the best features for this suitcase is its ability to be carried on top of other luggage, but it can also be used as a backpack or shoulder bag making this item super-versatile. You need to use this tool for every business deal.

So, these are just a few of our favorite ideas for the Apple traveler to keep in mind. Your next trip won’t be lost fighting for outlets or worrying about the condition of your devices after you land. If you have a favorite tool feel free to share with us, we’d like to hear your comments.

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