5 Questions Answered About Retina display

Computers built with a sufficient retina display can enhance your viewing experience tremendously. This type of technology utilizes the computers pixels to the point the red, green and blue boxes aren’t able to be detected at all. Here are five commonly asked questions regarding retina display and Mac computers.

Can I adjust the Retina display on my computer?

Yes. You can change the display by doing the following:

Select System Preference > select the scaled resolution> Done! It’s just that easy.

If I dislike the options given to me, can I add outer retina to enhance the images?

Yes. Attach an external display with the HDMI capabilities or use Thunderbolt or Display port.

Does Retina display work with Windows?

Yes. However, you need to install Windows Support Software using Boot Camp Assistant

Basically, in Laymen’s terms, the more pixels, the truer to life the picture will be. According to our geek friends, they just basically added more pixels to the same screen. The pixels create a clearer picture for viewing 10-12 inches away you won’t be able to tell with the naked eye, the pixels even exist. Now, remember the closer you are to the screen, the easier it will be to see the little dots. While that may be a given here’s the next question:

What should my screen’s adjustments be?

Most people will view things like movies in 1080 x 1920. This setting is perfectly fine even if your display is 2880 x 1800. That’s of course, with a computer. With your iPhone, 640 x 1136 is entirely sufficient, and you’ll still get the same quality of the picture.

When it comes to your artwork and needing to see images at a higher resolution, check your settings and readjust. Most of the time vector and images shouldn’t be a problem, and these items will remain ultra-clear.

Who launched the first phone using Retinal display?

Answer: Steve Jobs.

Jobs introduced the first smartphone using Retina display with the iPhone 4. Of course, this took cellphones through a whole new dimension. Density and distance are the two key elements that he spoke of during his launch.

So there you have it. Before you know it, Apple will find new ways to incorporate a 4K screen by making even the smallest iPhone with 4,000 pixels. Until then, we’ll be here if you have further questions regarding Retinal display.