5 Ways to Boost the Performance of Mac Systems

To ensure your Mac is running as good as new, you’ll need to do a few things. Macs are among the most trouble-free operating systems in the world. However, even the best device needs proper maintenance in order to live up to its expectations. Here are 5 things you need to do to boost Mac performance:

Repair permissions

Whenever you want to perform large system upgrades, it’s recommended that you repair permissions. You can do this by launching Disk Utility on your device. Go ahead and select the boot drive then click on Repair Disk Permissions. The process is likely to take a few minutes but be patient because it’s going to be worthwhile. Disk Utility is a useful feature because it allows you to check HD health and perform repairs when necessary.

Quit and restart programs that consume memory

When the system is left running constantly it’s common to experience slow speeds and performance issues because of memory leaks. Memory leaks often occur when software has been running for too long. Most browsers like Safari lead to memory leaks when they are not closed or restarted. Imagine a browser consuming 1GB of memory? This can significantly impact on the device’s performance. What you can do is to restart the entire machine and this will make sure the virtual memory is reset and everything else is cleaned up. You may notice the system performing slightly better after restarting.

Monitor the remaining hard drive space

Your hard drive needs to have some bit of space to allow your machine to perform at its peak. The rule of thumb is to make sure 10% of the space of your hard drive is free. Should you find yourself consuming all the available space pretty fast, consider replacing the driver with a much larger one. You may also want to get rid of programs and applications on your machine that you really don’t need. Invest in an external hard drive that you can use to store your important data and delete the ones in your computer. Also make sure you empty the trash regularly to leave up some space and boost performance.

Take advantage of monitoring tools

There are a lot of tools that Mac users can utilize in order to boost their computer’s performance. There are tools that are designed to check for any signs of inconsistencies in your hard drive and report. The tool will check for any failures in your internal drives and report as well as suggest actions to take. Other tools can provide important features like CPU usage meter, memory usage and temperature sensors. Whenever the system has an issue, the respective feature will help you to find out how to resolve it.

Software updates

Last but not least, make it a habit to perform software updates as often as necessary. These updates will not only keep your system up and running but also improve functionality, fix bugs and get rid of security concerns. Follow MacUpdate on the web to keep track of any necessary updates that your device may benefit from.


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