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6 Basic Maintenance Tips for Mac Users

Apple did a good job at creating a device that is easy for users to maintain and use. This means that you shouldn’t slack when it comes to maintenance. Doing some simple things can help to ensure your device performance is kept up.

  1. Make sure all software is updated

Mac software updates can really help you to secure your device. Check the Apple menu for any pending updates. The update could be a bug fix, feature enhancement or security upgrade that your device can benefit from. Updating Mac software is so easy so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it. The device itself will check for updates once every week by default so the process is automated.

  1. Clean up the desktop

To prevent slowing down your device, don’t have too many items on your desktop. You may not notice how slow your device becomes when you have too many programs on the desktop. Remember that each file and icon preview will consume some space in your RAM as well as other resources that contribute to the device’s overall performance. To avoid the slowness from a cluttered desktop, clean up the space and leave only the items you need most.

  1. Perform regular backups

Performing regular backups on your Mac is also so important. Backing up your device allows you to recover from any potential risks and it’s generally a very recommended practice. Mac has designed a reliable backup solution known as Time Machine. As soon as you set it up, it will be automatically backing up your data for you. All you need is an external hard drive where you’ll be backing up your data. Time Machine is configured on the System Preferences section and is very easy to set up.

  1. Minimize login items

Whenever you boot up your system or login to your account, there are certain programs that will appear during startup. If you notice a program that you really don’t need, you can get rid of it and reduce the time it takes for your device to boot. Just go to the System Preferences and select Users & Groups then select your user account and go to the Login Items. Delete the items that you really don’t need to appear during startup.

  1. Restart your computer

Many people, especially those who use desktops, do not practice the important habit of restarting their machine. Restarting the device can do a lot of good in terms of boosting performance. You need to restart the device at least once every week. You can do this manually or set up automatic restarts.

  1. Empty trash

Another simple yet effective step that you can take to boost Mac performance is to empty the trash. This is something that can be done manually or using an automated app. You can have an app that empties your trash at certain intervals. Automated apps work really well because they give you some time to restore any important files before emptying the trash.


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