About Us

As one of Boca Raton’s most trusted resources for Apple product repair Coastal’s name and reputation for delivering outstanding service speaks for itself.

As the goto certified repair technicians for the Apple store here in Boca Raton we guarantee a high level of technical proficiency among all Macintosh products.  Our certifications verifies in-depth knowledge of architecture, including an ability to install and configure systems, architect and maintain networks, customize and troubleshoot services, and integrate Mac OS X and other Apple technologies.

At Coastal Computers we are fully dedicated to providing efficient and friendly customer service and the highest possible level of technical expertise to each of our customers – be it individual client or business. What we care about is customer satisfaction and our main objective is to provide expert repairs and services at a realistic rate. Our core focus is on providing a completely professional service with a very high degree of technical expertise to businesses and home users alike. We provide a 100% mobile onsite repair and service for Apple Mac computers, laptops, iPhones and iPads.

  • Certified Apple Technicians

    Coastal Computer only employs certified Apple Technicians so you can rest assured your devices are being handled by only qualified Apple Technicians

  • In and/or Out-of-Warranty Mac Repairs

    Coastal Computers can repair any model of Apple Computer or device in or out of warranty

  • Full 90 Day Warranty

    Unlike other Apple repair establishments Coastal Computer stands behind our work! We offer a full 90 day warranty on all repairs and services.

  • Repair and Service Center

    We fix all Macintosh products such as MacBook, MacBook Pro, Air, iMac, PowerBook, Mac Pro, iPad, iPhone, to mention just a few.