Apple Earbuds Fab or Party Foul?

So far there has been plenty of controversy over Apple’s decision to create the next upgrade of the iPhone by incorporating a wireless headset. It sounds like people either hate or love the idea. At $150 a pop for these headphones, it’s not a surprise that some fans would become a little less supportive. However, in many cases they solve the problem of getting those ‘stringy’ wires caught up on almost everything. Here’s what some people had to say:

“Apple Lightning Ear pods are obviously going to go through some testing and changes before we’re in love with them 100%. However, I love the fact that they give me freedom to move about without being attached to anything.” J. Bellfour, New Jersey

“My only concern would be they can fall out of my ear and into places like the toilet or on the street where I could lose them forever. Seems that the replacement would be too expensive” S. Carterman, New Baltimore, Michigan

“They beat the heck out of wearing a giant headset that is cumbersome and outdated. I don’t feel like being a disc jockey when I’m going for a run. I like them so far; I think they were long overdue”. T. Schloztke Brooklyn, New York

“I love the fact that you can listen for up to 5 hours. That to me is great because I work in an office where we need to drown out the rest of the people from time to time. These hold their charge long enough for me to get through almost my entire day. Including the train ride home.” B. Dreiser, Chicago, Illinois

“The feature that has the ability to contact Siri by touching either ear pod is incredible. As a mom, I’ve always got my hands full and this lets me use whatever hand is free to get directions, turn up the volume and dial automatically. I think these are great!” J. Brooks Chattanooga, Tennessee

Although the reviews are mixed, we think that everyone else will be following suit to have handsfree operation without an inconvenient chord. It will be interesting to see what conspires of this as it has with all other Apple products. Most of the time they hit home runs. This time, we hope to at least steal a few bases. One thing is certain, Apple will always be on forefront of the latest technology, just as they have for years.

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