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5 Great Summer Accessories For Your iPhone

With summer around the corner, you can bet that there are a bunch of cool accessories out there that will make your phone all the more amazing. We looked around and brought you these 5 summer accessories that are simply a must-have. Check them out. MICRO Meet MICRO, the world’s smallest adapter. Weighing just 1.5 […]

4 Must-Have Apps That Will Improve Your Productivity

Although technology is a great tool for business and social interaction, smarter phones/tablets/computers have mostly led to more time being spent online or away from work. However, there are apps designed to help you change all that. You can install and download apps that will help you increase your productivity be it at work, at […]

What NOT To Do If Your Phone Gets Wet

Try as you may, your phone is bound to get wet at some point. And that, as you well know is disastrous. The ‘life’ of your phone, as you know it, could come to an abrupt end. Trust us on this; we have seen more ‘dead’ phones damaged by moisture than we care to count. […]

Ransomware, Spyware, Malware, Viruses, and Worms: How to keep your devices safe

Just days ago, the cyber world was shaken to its core (albeit temporarily) when the now-famous WannaCry ransomware ravaged computers across the globe, throwing panicked users into disarray. You may even have been among the unfortunate victims. But WannaCry aside, electronic devices everywhere are always at a risk of being attacked by ransomware, malware, viruses, […]

How To Tell Its Time To Upgrade Your OS

Every modern phone, computer or tablet today relies on an operating system (OS) to function. The OS is like the infrastructure that holds and connects all the contents that you find in these gizmos. Without, it the devices wouldn’t be able to do much. Every now and then developers release newer updated OS versions to […]

Ways to Personalize Your MAC Computer

Do you remember the very first day you got your MAC computer? Without a doubt, you remember the beautiful white or silver exterior and how the keys felt the first time you laid your fingers on them. That’s memory, no MAC user ever forgets. However, we’ve become more advanced with the many gizmos and gadgets […]

The Least You Should Know About iPad, iPhone and MAC Computer Repair

While longevity with a MAC or any Apple product exceeds most PC’s or other manufacturers, there’s still times that repairs are necessary. For instance, if your child decides to give your iPhone or iPad a bath in the toilet, you may need either some serious repair or to replace the device altogether. Apparently standing in […]