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The Least You Should Know About iPad, iPhone and MAC Computer Repair

While longevity with a MAC or any Apple product exceeds most PC’s or other manufacturers, there’s still times that repairs are necessary. For instance, if your child decides to give your iPhone or iPad a bath in the toilet, you may need either some serious repair or to replace the device altogether. Apparently standing in a long line at the Apple store in either Boca Raton or Fort Lauderdale malls, may not seem the most practical use of time. In this week’s blog we highlight the least, you should know about getting anyone of your Apple devices up and running.

First, don’t bother taking an iPhone or iPad to a kiosk or some place that isn’t certified. Out of anything we tell you in this article, this is the single most important. Why? Because, if you take it to someone who isn’t qualified to work on these electronics, your device could end up costing more as it may void any warranties from the manufacturer. Our technicians have been trained specifically to work on nothing but Apple and Macintosh’s products giving Coastal Computers the leading edge over any 3rd party repair store.

Next, be sure to do a proper assessment on the device before bringing it into any service center or store. In fact, a remedy center should offer a diagnostic and do a thorough evaluation of the broken device. Often, people neglect to update their software or backing up data which can cost you memory, ram, and other issues. Find a location where the people are both knowledgeable and who will do a proper evaluation before blurting out what upgrades and other things are involved in fixing your computer.

In addition to evaluating your device, be sure to look for repair people who will warranty their work. It’s too easy for someone to tell you the device is fixed only to find three weeks later the problem still exists. When dealing with any service company, they should back their work with some warranty. Seeking certified technicians who stand by their craftsmanship is not only going to give you peace of mind, it’s just plain smart!

We hope that by using these three tips, you’ll have the ability to make a conscious decision finding the right place with the right people to guarantee your MAC or Apple products run with ease.

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Your Macbook Just Ran Out of Space, Now what?

All computers no matter how fast or how much memory they’ve been built with will eventually run out of space. While this may not seem like anything new for some of you, it may be to people who use their Macbook and iMacs for things like graphic design or video editing. Because these projects tend to take up a lot of space and clog up your drive, it’s always good to back up to the cloud, but let’s say you’ve already reached that capacity and aren’t quite sure what to do at this point. Here are a few tips for you to give a bit of credence to that just might help.

Never let your computer whether you’re on iOS or Mac OSX, get down past 15% of space. If you do, you could find your computer start to run slower and eventually could crash. Look for files that use less than ten gigabytes of disk space and back these up with an external hard drive. Photos can take up a ton of additional space on the hard drive, so be sure to delete the ones you just aren’t interested in keeping. On top of photos you might not want, look for duplicates. Again, these little nuances will certainly help free space.

In addition to files that are running less than 10 Gigs, check to see if any apps are running and either close or delete them. Often when visiting certain websites, cookies and other nasty bits are left on you even after you’ve bounced out. In some cases, these apps can download themselves and need to be removed for good. Another aspect to consider is these apps can always be running and wearing on your disk space.

Another item that is eating up your space could be your iTunes app. Be sure to use a NAS box rather than an external hard drive to download your music, this way you’ll have access anytime. In case you’re unsure of what a NAS is that stands for Network-Attached-Storage or a server that is connected to your computer network. Xfinity or Comcast offers packages such as NAS, Jax, and FL. While this is an excellent alternative, it may not be cost-efficient for you.

If the price is too expensive for a NAS system, then download OmniDiskSweeper to show you exactly what apps are running and eliminate the ones, not in use. Another short cut follows these instructions from MacWorld.Co.Uk:

You can also do it easily without an app. Open a new Finder window and navigate to your Home folder or press Shift-Cmd-H from the Finder. Press Cmd-F to open a new Find window and in the left-hand drop-down menu at the top of the window, choose Other. From the window that opens next, scroll down until you see File Size, and check the box next to it. You have now selected that as the attribute for a search. Select ‘greater than’ in the next drop-down menu, and change the file size units to MB. Now type in a file size, say 100, to display all the files in your Home folder that are bigger than 100MB. You can now choose which files to delete or archive on an external disk, and free up disk space quickly.

With these quick methods, you may find it’s easier to free space than you might have thought. If all else fails ‘Go Coastal’ and call us directly.

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If it’s an Apple, Coastal Computers Can Fix it!

certified-apple-service-boca-ratonDid you Drop Your iPhone, iPad or iMac?

We all get busy and sometimes our hands can’t keep up, and the ever-feared accident happens… you drop your iPhone, iPad or iMac. Do not worry Coastal Computers can fix it! Our Certified Apple Technicians are experts at repairing cracked screens, water damage and anything else that can go wrong if you drop your device. The entire staff at Coastal Computers makes your repair our priority.

So if you’ve dropped your beloved Apple device, fear not — we can help you with affordable and reliable iPhone, iPad and iMac repair.

Your Apple is Never Supposed to Be Slow! Read more

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All our repairs come with an industry leading 90-day workmanship warranty. If the replaced part fails within 90 days of the repair, we’ll fix it for free!




Did you get that? 

If you aren’t sure what we really mean by ‘Guaranteed Repairs’, then here we will give you a few quick examples of why we always stand behind our work and you as our customer!

At Coastal Computers, The Customer Is Always Right!         

Most of the repairs we make to iPhones, iPads, and Apple systems involve water damage, scratched screens and lost or hiding data we find for you. Then there are equally troubling repairs like a damaged hard drive. No matter the level of problem we know that it is all huge for our customers.

Therefore, we trust your opinion and if you say it is not fixed,  then one of our Certified Apple Technicians will assess it again and fix it again, both FOR FREE! Read more

Be a SMART Apple owner and Take Advantage of Coastal Computers Price Match Policy!

Coastal Computers offers a no fuss price match policy. Our policy is simple. We will price-match any of our competition on new iPhones or iPads and on repairs. So don’t miss this opportunity for all that you get from Coastal Computers.

And with us, you get- US!

Buying from Coastal Computers means you get our expertise and guidance on what you buy. We provide introductory lessons that will give you the confidence you need to control your new Apple device.

Getting your iPhone Or iPad repaired by us also means getting expertise and guidance on how  not to damage your Apple device in the future. When Coastal Computers fixes your Apple we don’t just put it in a box and hand it to you fixed. Our Apple Certified Support Technicians will tell you exactly what the problem was and why it happened. But, most importantly they will tell you how to not repeat the damage again if possible. Read more

If your iMac, iPhone or Apple could talk…

If your iMac, iPhone or Apple could talk…

Pretend for a moment that your iMac, iPhone or Apple device could talk what would it say about you? Would it say you choose to use up all your data on your iPhone to watch movies, instead of downloading them and then get angry when they won’t stream? Or perhaps it would say you are a Wi-Fi junkie, and that you go anywhere and everywhere to get your Wi-Fi fix for free. It might even say that you have more than one iCloud account and that is why you can never find anything. Here we offer a cute impersonation of what your iMac, iPhone or iPad would say about you if it could talk. Read more

Outcall Services: What to Expect When Coastal Computers Come to You

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________It is not an uncommon day at Coastal Computers to see our Apple Certified Support Pro’s coming and going to our customer’s homes and business to set up Apple systems, identify and fix problems with their Apple or iMac. What is also common is that every member of our Outcall Services team knows their stuff. We hire only the best Apple certified technicians who are always on time, looking professional and are easy to communicate with. Coastal Computers staff are well known for their swift problem-solving strategies, that won’t take up more time than you have. Our set-up time for home or business is pre-calculated. We uphold our premier Outcall Services reputation by always being on time. Coastal Computers promises that a customer will never wait for an appointment to start or end when it is supposed to. And the best part about our Outcall Services is they are affordable! Here’s what to expect when we come to you! Read more