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4 Pieces of Travel Gear for Apple Users

If you’re someone who is an Apple User, which we’re assuming you are, and you travel there are a ton of interesting gadgets and gizmos that can make your trip easier. We found a few cool items that we’ve either used ourselves or have found on the internet that may make your vacation or business trip run more smoothly.

1.)   Plugs and outlets are always difficult to find when waiting to board a plane. It seems there are very few except for charging stations where every passenger appears to be waiting in line for a quick fix of power. has found an incredible solution and one you can’t live without if you’re an avid flyer. This innovative tool allows you to double the outlets and gives you two USB plugins but only uses one electrical outlet. While someone else may have a plug at the top with an iPhone or Smartphone, you can maximize the power without hogging up four different plugs. The perfect solution to an everyday situation. The best part is it folds right up and can fit into a purse or travel bag without taking up a ton of room.

2.)   Next, if you’re someone who tends to turn into a ‘butter finger’ once inside of an airport terminal or a bus, then you won’t want to miss out on the Anti-Drop Ring for your smartphone. The cool thing is you can buy this accessory right from Amazon for less than $20. You can also use the sturdy ring to prop up your iPhone for a little Netflix viewing.

3.)   In addition to what’s hot for your iPhone, things items such as your iPad tend to take a bit of a beating while traveling. One cool item found on which is a super cool website that shows a ton of rad bags and totes that aren’t only super creative carryall’s they’re made with an ultra-sturdy material called Neoprene that can be stored in the freezer. They have the perfect carrying case for iPads that protect the surface. An excellent companion for any expedition.

4.)   Likewise, to the iPhones and iPads, your laptop is a must have. However, these devices are knocked around just while going through security much less shoved into your luggage or bags. The Oxford multi-functional luggage with storage bag is an excellent way to prevent anything from happening to your computers and other devices. One of the best features for this suitcase is its ability to be carried on top of other luggage, but it can also be used as a backpack or shoulder bag making this item super-versatile. You need to use this tool for every business deal.

So, these are just a few of our favorite ideas for the Apple traveler to keep in mind. Your next trip won’t be lost fighting for outlets or worrying about the condition of your devices after you land. If you have a favorite tool feel free to share with us, we’d like to hear your comments.

In the meantime, if you need to have a repair done on an Apple or MAC computer, please visit our location in Boca Raton.

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Green Acres is About to See Some Google

Drive down any country road in the Everglades, and you’re bound to lose your Wifi connection until you get to the next town that might hook up. While this still holds truth in most rural areas, there are some interesting rumors spreading Google will introduce the internet after putting their drone project, “Project Loon” on hold. But, what does having access to the ‘intranets’ mean for Apple and Mac users? In this blog, we’ll tell you a few predictions. Let’s get ready to re-boot!

In an article found on CNN, tech journalist, Matt McFarland stated that Google had abandoned their drone program to find future solutions to bring the Internet to places that are typically titled ‘the sticks.’ Per the article was written Project Loon would send balloons to space, returning an internet connection to land below. However, due to managing costs and flaws in the hardware, the plan has been put on hold.

Although the project is currently on hold seeking new alternatives. It will be interesting to see what will happen once they provide the internet to the country and non-populated areas? How do you think Mac users will respond?

To answer a few of these questions, let’s look at the idea that MAC users are everywhere including the country side. Businesses like agricultural design and research will have higher quality computers with high-resolution images to better serve their purposes. People can be in touch with more supplies and other beneficial products. The pros obviously outweigh the cons.

In addition to the obvious, kids living in these areas will further their horizons by studying online. There are so many benefits to the possibilities but why does it matter? Well, the more Google expands, the more access we all must provide vital information, so why wouldn’t we want them to produce the net in these places. Heck, you might have assumed that all the wooded areas and everywhere else were already installed, to find out it isn’t.

Have you ever tried to use your GPS in areas where there’s no signal? It’s pretty much a stupid feature to have with the utilization of the technology that makes it operate. Since these are all valid points we make, we know that Alphabet is working on these aspects for this geo-targeted area.

While there’s no targeted dates set for the launch, Google is in the process of perfecting this system and predictions should start by the end of summer 17’. Just remember this technology is bound to help not hurt the folks living in the dark ages out in the back forty. We’re just happy we have the internet and can’t imagine life without it!

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Mac or PC for Editing Video?

While many people would argue that PC’s and Premier Pro are the way to go for editing video, hands down Apple computers are still worlds ahead when it comes to editing software and performance. In fact, some programs aren’t even available for the Microsoft 10 planet. So, which do you prefer and why you may ask? In this blog, we’ll point out a few other items you might not have thought of when it comes to editing video on a Macbook or iMac versus a PC.

Up until recently, Mac computers were unable to get malware. Since we’ve found out, there is such a thing, that may have burst a few bubbles. However, not much has to do with video editing. Programs like Adobe Premier Pro are compatible with both Mac and PC. With enthusiasts from both sides of the coin preaching which is better, most will agree that MAC gets the job done faster and is more efficient. There seems to be a lot of lag time with a PC such as Dell. That can cause a lot of issues with playback and audio that video editors just can’t deal.

The Apple series whether it’s a Macbook or an iMac were almost created for design. The pixels on a Mac seem better, and the colors are more vivid in most cases. While the newer touch-screens for PC’s allow you to draw and get more precision when it comes to apps like Photoshop, there’s still a lot more available for Mac users that are seemingly more valuable to creatives.

Final Cut Pro X is exclusive to Apple’s Mac OS X making this a number one choice for some newer editors. Final Cut Pro X is a super friendly and easy to maneuver program making it perfect for beginners. A few steps ahead of iMovie, this software was designed with multiple shortcuts and works well for people looking to do some fast editing or to ramp up their workflow.

If you’re a designer, video editor or illustrator, hands down you’ll be more impressed with Mac computers than with the average PC. These machines were created for you in mind. Go to any advertising agency or marketing firm, and they’ll most likely have rows of Apple Computers making the argument it’s a matter of important choice.

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The Dilemma with Apple’s Wireless Charger

Apple has always been at the forefront of the latest technology. With this past year of introducing the AirPods for the iPhone to pair with, they continue to raise the bar when it comes to cell phone innovations. The next introduction is most likely going to blow everyone away. That next invention is the use of wireless charging stations. However, there are speculations this could take a while. In this blog, we discuss the dilemma on why that might be happening.

The Energous company is said to be having some difficulties with Apple due to the regulatory certification program that is mandatory to pass with Apple. While the manufacturer of the chip that is to be installed on the new iPhones is scrambling to secure the deal, there’s still no sign of when this feature will happen. Read more

Help!! I Need to Learn How to Use My Apple!

If you are new to Apple devices, then don’t feel bad if you feel lost. Apple operating systems are in fact user-friendly, but they are different from Windows, and we get that. What we want you to know is that everyone was new to Apple once just like you, and all you really need are a few pointers, guidance and an easy round of lessons.

Coastal Computers has got your back! We offer One on One Training, Group Training and a whole lot of help for the first-time user, or even the experienced user who just wants to learn more. The only person expected to know it all about Apples is, well, us!

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Outcall Services: What to Expect When Coastal Computers Come to You

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________It is not an uncommon day at Coastal Computers to see our Apple Certified Support Pro’s coming and going to our customer’s homes and business to set up Apple systems, identify and fix problems with their Apple or iMac. What is also common is that every member of our Outcall Services team knows their stuff. We hire only the best Apple certified technicians who are always on time, looking professional and are easy to communicate with. Coastal Computers staff are well known for their swift problem-solving strategies, that won’t take up more time than you have. Our set-up time for home or business is pre-calculated. We uphold our premier Outcall Services reputation by always being on time. Coastal Computers promises that a customer will never wait for an appointment to start or end when it is supposed to. And the best part about our Outcall Services is they are affordable! Here’s what to expect when we come to you! Read more

Top Reviews for Virtual Reality Headsets

Whether you’re into gaming or selling real estate, nothing beats using 3D technology with the utilization of a virtual reality headset to gain the full experience of the visual. While this technology is still relatively new, these VR headsets are creating quite the stir. There are dozens of reviews out there on the multitude of these devices that can hook right up to your smartphone. Read more


Galaxy Note7 Safety Recall of the Century, That’s Why They’re No iPhone

With the recent news and pleas been made by Samsung Chairman, Elliot Kaye to turn in Galaxy Note 7 phones, it’s no wonder more people are switching to the iPhones. Almost any phone on the market today can run into issues as they’re all built with ion batteries. In this blog we uncover some reasons that switching from the Galaxy family to the iPhone is more suitable and a phone you should consider. Read more


The Lazy Man’s Guide to the iPhone 7

While the reviews on Apple’s latest release expected to hit markets after Sept 16th, has been a bit askew, there are several positive aspects to both the iPhone 7 and 7plus. Here’s a few highlights reflecting the buzz around Tim Cook’s soon to be next hot product. We put together these highlights so you can read one article and get the cliff notes, making this the ideal blog for the laziness in all of us. Read on! Read more

Apple Earbuds Fab or Party Foul?

So far there has been plenty of controversy over Apple’s decision to create the next upgrade of the iPhone by incorporating a wireless headset. It sounds like people either hate or love the idea. At $150 a pop for these headphones, it’s not a surprise that some fans would become a little less supportive. Read more