Cool Stuff for Your MAC Computer

Whether you have a laptop or an iMac, there’s plenty of cool accessories to go around that can make things like your user experience even better. We’ve found some great products out there that might turn you on to partnering with your device that we think are ultra-cool for you to check out.

First, let’s remember to listen with the new Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones. Apple added the super lovely rose gold finish to match up with your Macbook or Macbook pro. Priced to sell at $299.95 these sound crushing units will blow your mind with a battery life of 40 hours. The best part is they will charge back up in only 5-minutes, and they are paired with Siri. How cool is that?

Next, when your Macbook isn’t being used, you can now get it out of the way with the BookArc Stand. This sturdy piece of equipment can create more desk space while still allowing you to get easy access to your laptop. Be sure to check it out at the Apple store.

In addition to storing your computer when it’s not in use, you can now have matching hard drives to keep your theme going with gold, space gray or rose gold to stay consistent with your favorite color preference. The G-Technology comes in 1TB-GDrive with USB configurations to back up any of your favorite files. The best part is, you won’t have to stare at the ugly black and cheesy looking hard drives laying everywhere.

Another feature or product you might want to look at are any of the Adobe Creative Suite packages as well as the Creative Clouds software. These are a ‘must have’ if you’re into hobbies as a photographer or if graphic design is your career path.

All these accessories can help keep you looking chic with your technology while making life easier. If that’s not cool, not sure what is! Be sure to keep updated by visiting the Apple store online or contact us directly for any question regarding ideal products and services built for your MAC.

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