Galaxy Note7 Safety Recall of the Century, That’s Why They’re No iPhone

With the recent news and pleas been made by Samsung Chairman, Elliot Kaye to turn in Galaxy Note 7 phones, it’s no wonder more people are switching to the iPhones. Almost any phone on the market today can run into issues as they’re all built with ion batteries. In this blog we uncover some reasons that switching from the Galaxy family to the iPhone is more suitable and a phone you should consider.

We’re pretty sure that the timing of the fall of the Galaxy Note7 wasn’t planned with the release of the Apple iPhone. Many of the Samsung users have a specific brand loyalty that will go unmatched. If you’ve been a Samsung lover for years, you might not turn to the fruitful side of Apple’s technology, but if you do, we think you’ll become loyal to these smartphones as well.

The Apple iPhone 7 has sold out of the larger iPhone 7Plus and all the jet-black models of the iPhone 7. Unless you pre-ordered this baby, you won’t be getting one any time soon.

Apple made a bold move to remove the headphone jack for their iconic phones. With good reason. If you’ve ever used any headset with the stringy cord, that gets stuck on everything, you can imagine the decision they’ve made is a good one. It’s undoubtedly another way for Apple to capitalize on this feature, which continually points out, it’s a smart decision for a smart phone.

Next, this phone uses standard configuration and has between 4-6GB depending on the model. Clearly the 7 plus has more space. Keep in mind the iPhone 7 is a 4.7-inch display, but if you upgrade to the 7plus the screen is 5.5 inches making it a closer match to your Galaxy.

Cost is about the same. $649 for the iPhone 7 and only $769 for Plus. This is a substantial savings considering you can pick up a Samsung Galaxy Note7 for $992. Of course with the recall they’re switching people to the Samsung 7S which at this point hasn’t had issues with blowing up people’s cars.

Comparatively speaking, both cameras are simply amazing. However, the Apple model is now constructed with a standard-angle 56mm optic with fixed f/28 aperture and telephoto lens. The 28mm lens is identical according to the tech guys out there. Color saturation is higher with the iPhone making the pictures clearer, even when viewing at a blown out rate. Lastly the flexibility of the dual camera modules isn’t offered by the Galaxy brand.

So whatever your verdict may be, there’s plenty of reason to seek more information before a commitment is made, as either model are costly and you’ll be stuck with them for a while.

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