Green Acres is About to See Some Google

Drive down any country road in the Everglades, and you’re bound to lose your Wifi connection until you get to the next town that might hook up. While this still holds truth in most rural areas, there are some interesting rumors spreading Google will introduce the internet after putting their drone project, “Project Loon” on hold. But, what does having access to the ‘intranets’ mean for Apple and Mac users? In this blog, we’ll tell you a few predictions. Let’s get ready to re-boot!

In an article found on CNN, tech journalist, Matt McFarland stated that Google had abandoned their drone program to find future solutions to bring the Internet to places that are typically titled ‘the sticks.’ Per the article was written Project Loon would send balloons to space, returning an internet connection to land below. However, due to managing costs and flaws in the hardware, the plan has been put on hold.

Although the project is currently on hold seeking new alternatives. It will be interesting to see what will happen once they provide the internet to the country and non-populated areas? How do you think Mac users will respond?

To answer a few of these questions, let’s look at the idea that MAC users are everywhere including the country side. Businesses like agricultural design and research will have higher quality computers with high-resolution images to better serve their purposes. People can be in touch with more supplies and other beneficial products. The pros obviously outweigh the cons.

In addition to the obvious, kids living in these areas will further their horizons by studying online. There are so many benefits to the possibilities but why does it matter? Well, the more Google expands, the more access we all must provide vital information, so why wouldn’t we want them to produce the net in these places. Heck, you might have assumed that all the wooded areas and everywhere else were already installed, to find out it isn’t.

Have you ever tried to use your GPS in areas where there’s no signal? It’s pretty much a stupid feature to have with the utilization of the technology that makes it operate. Since these are all valid points we make, we know that Alphabet is working on these aspects for this geo-targeted area.

While there’s no targeted dates set for the launch, Google is in the process of perfecting this system and predictions should start by the end of summer 17’. Just remember this technology is bound to help not hurt the folks living in the dark ages out in the back forty. We’re just happy we have the internet and can’t imagine life without it!

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