Hackers and ‘Mac’ers


A few years ago scare came unprotected computers with built-in cameras were unsafe. Whether your computer was a Mac Tower or Laptop, wasn’t protected by malware that allowed hackers to view you through your built-in camera. As you can imagine, with apps such as Skype and Facetime, there would be little to no protection from someone viewing you like a ‘peeping Tom’ would be unnerving. Today’s technology has a much safer way for our favorite machines to run with maximum privacy. This blog highlights some changes and the least you should know about your Mac versus a ‘hack.’ Read on!

When a few students discovered how to disable the LED indicator light and hack into victim’s computers by way of tapping into their camera’s it was time for the FED’s to step in. This event happened before 2008. Since that time new technology and anything produced after that date has significant upgrades.

Old school protection came from suggestions from the FBI to place tape over the camera so no one could view you while not in use. Today there’s been new software designed by guess who? The hackers who discovered how to bypass the apps security system. Well, now we know it’s safe, right? No. However, MacOS users can feel a little more protected these days with Gatekeeper.

The Gatekeeper is a tool that helps protect your default settings on your personal computer. This app won’t allow access to the camera during Facetime. The app is free and can be added by a few simple steps by doing a Google search of Mac’s Gatekeeper Tool.

With the latest model’s of Mac computers, Sierra has beefed up this tool. With the additional security unsecured apps can no longer have access and open unless manually allowed. The second of the two upgrades recently added is that any unapproved app won’t have the ability to access the already approved app.

In other words, if you’ve downloaded and app and let’s say another app wants to access your phone or computer you can deny it. Hackers will then send you another invitation to open the next app pretending to be the one you approved. Smart but risky and you might think “I’ve already approved this app, maybe this is an update.” Think again. The new system keeps track of the previously installed apps and doesn’t allow new apps disguised to be original to disrupt your system. Cool and long overdue, we’re happy to hear of these latest developments.

We’ll soon find out what’s coming down the pike next. When we do, we’ll get it out there. Until next time, contact us for further questions regarding your Mac upgrades.

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