Happy Holidays from Coastal Computers!


During this busy Holiday Season of shopping and celebrating, Coastal Computers wants to help make selecting the best new Apple device easier than ever. Our Certified Apple Technician Pros have put together a list for Santa Clause on which Apple works best for all the Apple lovers in your family this Holiday Season!

For the College Student:

The best Mac for students is the MacBook Air, as it has the right performance, it is cool, slick, and has a stylish design, and even lots of USB-A ports for easy file transfers so your college student will get those A’s, study easier online, share notes with classmates, and support college level testing browsers.

For the Teenager:

If we go beyond suggesting an iPhone 7, we would have a lot of disappointed teens. So, keep it real and get your teen an iPhone 7. It’s a gift they will love and never forget you for!

For the Little Ones:

For the little ones and we mean pre-school age, they require something that is less breakable.  Toddlers are going to be rough on anything that their cute little hands can touch. Plus, they like spilling things and throwing things. Therefore, what we recommend for these little ones is not a Mac, but an iPad. An iPad will teach them early computer skills, and still not break the bank with you in case they do throw it in the sandbox!

For Your Elders:

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop with Retina Display is perfect for that senior in your family. Grandparents like these because of how feather light they are (around 3.5 pounds) and the big screen is a dream for aging eyes.

For the Musically inclined:

We feel the absolute best Mac for anyone who is serious about their music is the 27in iMac with a Retina 5K display, as it offers a large screen for multitasking, aka making beats, and is a powerhouse for processing. This is the ideal Mac for the musician in your family. It has all the bells and whistles, literally! Simply put, it edits, records and mixes! Good times!


Coastal Computers knows how hard it is to buy for yourself during the Holidays and that’s why we recommend treating ‘you’ a little with a new iPhone, iMac, or iPad. Coastal Computers also offers individual lessons, group lessons and we are the experts at helping you master your new Apple device right here in our store, on us! Best wishes for a joyous Holiday Season from the Certified Apple Technician experts that make Coastal Computers your local go-to store for all your Apple device needs. Make these Holidays even more memorable by buying your loved ones only the best!


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