How Prone are Macs to Viruses and Malware?

Some Mac users believe that they never have to worry about viruses and malware after investing in their devices. But is the belief that Mac can’t get viruses and malware true? Certainly not. Like all other computer systems, Macs can get viruses too. It depends on how well you secure the device and what software is installed.

Install an antivirus program

Most people don’t want to install an antivirus program because they are usually too heavy and bog down your computer. It could be the reason why Apple doesn’t like promoting these programs either. Apple markets its devices as virus-free advising consumers that they don’t really need to waste their money on an antivirus program. However, Mac users who have suffered significant malware attacks and lost their vital data now rely on antivirus programs to offer total protection.

How to tell if your Mac is affected

Hackers these days have become so smart that it would be difficult to tell if your device has been affected right away. Most of the malware around these days is very silent, because hackers have realized this is the best way to get away with it for a long time. In fact, the virus may not even slow down your computer so you won’t even notice any performance changes from the time it gets in. The best bet would be to take your computer to a Mac specialist from time to time and have it checked for malware and adware.

Why is malware more common in Windows and Android?

There are many reasons why hackers target the more popular operating systems like Windows and Android as opposed to Mac. For a start, these two platforms, being so popular, perform better in terms of targeting the most people and reaping the hackers the most benefit. At the end of the day, hackers want to make money and they do this by targeting very popular platforms. Secondly, there are lots of SDKs and open source software to create malware for popular operating systems like Windows. For a hacker to build a malware for MAC OS, they are going to have to spend more. Furthermore, Mac has enhanced their reputation when it comes to security meaning that many hackers shy away from trying to create malware for these systems.

Your device is still at risk

Having a secure operating system is never enough. So long as you browse on the internet and interact with third-party software, your computer will still be at risk. Browsers, Java, Flash Players and other programs are known to give the highest risk of malware. And since you can’t afford to stay away from them completely, your device will still be vulnerable to an attack.

To protect yourself and at least have that peace of mind, you need to start by making sure all your applications are up to date. Install the latest antivirus product or security suite that is designed for MAC OS. If you come across something suspicious on the web, keep off, don’t open the page or click the link.

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