How To Tell Its Time To Upgrade Your OS

Every modern phone, computer or tablet today relies on an operating system (OS) to function. The OS is like the infrastructure that holds and connects all the contents that you find in these gizmos. Without, it the devices wouldn’t be able to do much. Every now and then developers release newer updated OS versions to help keep up with the technology advancements. As a tech user, you can upgrade to these newer versions or stick with what you already have. However, when you start to identify with the situations listed below, that’s when you know for sure that you have to upgrade your OS.


You are locked out of exciting new features due to your old OS

Every new OS brings with it exciting features that were not available in the older versions. It’s sort of like every issue of an Apple product. If you’re using the older OS systems, you cannot enjoy these features on the old platform no matter what you try. If you feel that you don’t want to miss out on all the cool additions other people are enjoying on their newer iPhones or Macs, then upgrade your OS and you’ll be all sorted.


You can’t use updated browsers because they can’t run on your OS

Browsers, just like OS systems, are also updated periodically. And these updates are designed to function better on every operating system. When it gets to a certain point, browsers become too complex for certain old operating systems. When this happens, trying to install a new browser will only get you a response telling you that your browser cannot work with your old OS. If that happens and you still want to enjoy your fast, seamless browser, upgrade your old OS.


You can’t download some apps because they run on newer operating systems

Apps, too, are just like browsers. They are developed with operating systems in mind. At some point, new apps will not be able to function on old operating systems because they have been designed for the masses who are now on newer OS versions. If you find that you can’t enjoy some of the apps you love due to such an issue, upgrade your OS so that you can access any app that you like.


You keep getting notifications to upgrade your OS

When new OS upgrades are rolled out, your old OS will prompt you to upgrade. The same continues as more upgrades are unveiled further on. If you are always getting notifications alerting you to get the latest OS, that probably means that the one you’re currently on is backdated. Follow the prompts to download the latest OS and keep your device functioning at optimum levels.


Most people are using newer OS versions except you

You also know it’s time to upgrade your OS if everyone around you is using a newer OS than you. If this is happening to you then you need to realize that there is a reason why the majority has chosen to use the particular OS version they have. And they can’t all be wrong. So join the bandwagon and upgrade as well.


Upgrading your OS is simple. Just go to your device’s setting and look for ‘OS Version’ or something close to that. Once you click on that, you’ll find details about the OS you’re using and the option to upgrade.

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