If it’s an Apple, Coastal Computers Can Fix it!

certified-apple-service-boca-ratonDid you Drop Your iPhone, iPad or iMac?

We all get busy and sometimes our hands can’t keep up, and the ever-feared accident happens… you drop your iPhone, iPad or iMac. Do not worry Coastal Computers can fix it! Our Certified Apple Technicians are experts at repairing cracked screens, water damage and anything else that can go wrong if you drop your device. The entire staff at Coastal Computers makes your repair our priority.

So if you’ve dropped your beloved Apple device, fear not — we can help you with affordable and reliable iPhone, iPad and iMac repair.

Your Apple is Never Supposed to Be Slow!

One thing we know for sure at Coastal Computers is that your Apple device should never be running slow. If your iMac, iPhone or iPad is slower than it used to be, then let our Certified Apple Technicians run a diagnostic repair checkup. Our Certified Apple Technicians can quickly decipher what is wrong and offer you solutions to get your Apple back up to speed. We have got all the answers for why your Apple may be getting behind and we can fix it.

Don’t worry Liquid Spills Happen

Spills happen. It’s a fact of life. That early morning coffee tip over onto your keyboard? Or did your iPhone fly and land in the, well you know what… Don’t worry liquid damage is often easier to fix than you think. And even if it’s not, don’t worry Coastal Computers has more options to get you and your Apple life back together again! And btw… we say “liquid damage” because, honestly, it’s quite possibly not liquid or water that made its way into your keyboard. Soup, beer, soda, iced tea, milk, etc. are all possibilities. Fortunately, we’re not picky. We are, however, your go-to local specialists in liquid damage repair on all your Apple devices!

Just Give Coastal Computers a Call and We’ll Be Right Over

Our Outcall service team is made up of Certified Apple Technicians, and don’t worry we can come to you. So if you don’t have time to come to us, then don’t! With one phone call, we’ll come to you and fix your broken Mac right then and there. Our outcall services are the best in all of Palm Beach county! If we can’t come that same day- don t worry- we will be there within 24 hours. Let Costal Computers come to you, and don’t worry we can fix it!


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