Lightening Quick Updates for Apple


A new research and development center will be opening soon in Japan. The center will open sometime after December of this year as Apple CEO; Tim Cook has announced its latest addition to the Apple, Research family.

Next, up for updates, Apple’s Nike+ watch will soon be on the shelves and is expected to launch at the end of this month. This watch is a unique version according to Apple having branding geared toward Nike followers and athletes of all type. The watch will start out at a $399 price point and will offer features such as the Run Club which is a social network for runners. While the funky and hip yellow and black doesn’t do it for everyone, it’s certainly attractive with the many amenities the gadget offers.

Some other big news this past week from Business Insider included a breakdown on how Apple PC’s are wavering with its decline in sales. While Apple ranked as one of the worst in PC history for its sales, Acer beat them to the bottom. Although the sales have been slow, most likely they will pick back up once they release the Macbook Pro and the newer model computers. However, that still doesn’t take care of the sales in the PC sector. Nonetheless, Apple users continue to be loyal regardless of what they may think. Perhaps the reason why they haven’t seen an increase in sales is a simple fact, most of these computers are hardy and have outlasted even Dell’s market.

Samsung continues to be the copycat with they’re Apple-inspired ‘wanna be’ computer called the ArtPC Pulse. We wish them best wishes and better luck next time after the big issues with their Galaxy Note7’s constantly in ‘Blow Up’ mode. While Apple may be flattered with the copy, it will most likely take Samsung a while before they see any Mac users bow down to the smartphone conglomerates who want Mac users to share that space.

Those are the latest updates we scoured the Internet to bring to you. Until next time, keep watching for the latest tech news from us super-repair-geeks!

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