MacBook Smackdown for 2016 Release

While many of the critics found the changes to be too subtle, we decided to give you the breakdown that this little device deserves. It may not be easy to consume as there wasn’t anything earth shattering with the newest and lightest model, but if you’re thinking about spending the $1300 for a new MacBook, we believe that it’s well worth it. Here’re the reasons why:

It’s only 2 lbs and for many MacBook and Apple lovers, this makes a terrific alternative for toting around your laptop. Because this unit is only 13.1 millimeters thick, it can fit into any purse, backpack or man bag out there. If you think that’s light, you’re correct. The display holds strong at 12 inches. But, this is a Retina display giving you a higher pixel density, leaving you with crisp, clear pictures and no squares and circles.

If you’re thinking about using this laptop for gaming, think again. We’d love to say that it’s an excellent choice. However, it’s just not. It runs way too hot and could potentially cause a risk if touched with the human skin. While it’s improved for images about 25%, it’s not practical for gamers.

The original core m processor is faster than last year’s MacBook Pro at 515 GPU’s versus the previous model of 5300.

Another feature that’s been a bit hard to get used to is the keyboard. This model’s keyboard is well lit, which is great. However, the thickness of the keys is super thin, making it feel like a touchscreen versus a keyboard. It’s a matter of preference for this area.

The battery is one of the best improvements. Although the computer is ultra-thin, the internal battery can hold a charge for up to 10 hours making in 5% longer than the previous year’s model.

The other benefit to the latest model MacBook is the colors. This year you can match it up with your iPhone in the Rose gold color that’s new for both iPhone and Mac. Nonetheless, if you’re seeking a computer that’s perfect for traveling, or light enough not to weigh down your book bag, this is an absolute ‘must see.’ But, if you’re looking for something for gaming, it’s best to stick with something meant for that. Either way, the improvements are well received in most cases.

If you’d like to learn more about the MacBook or other computers, come by and chat with us.