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If you’re like many people who subscribe to TV apps such as Netflix and Hulu, you’ll be interested in what’s in this week’s blog. We will be highlighting some of the new features found with Apple TV that will make you fall in love with this digital media player exclusive to the Apple family. Ready, Set, Go!

Since its inception and release in 2006, the HDMI source device has passed through a multitude of upgrades. Apple announced Thursday, October 27th the release of its latest addition to a new TV App. The new app would allow you access and watch your shows from your Apple TV box from anywhere on any device such as the iPad or an iPhone. The app is also accessible by way of Siri who can directly upload your movies with voice commands.

A call for more convenience is what has caused the requests for upgrades in addition to the device. Siri is now able to do a multitude of tasks such as go directly to live streams for important events like sports conferences and can also tell you when a television show is about to air.

Another innovative step for Apple TV is using a single sign-on to access all your media channels. So rather than having to log into each app to your Netflix account you won’t have to do it a second time to log onto Hulu. This feature allows for faster and more efficient viewing times.

This is the 5th generation for the Apple TV device and prices are still to be determined. The release of the latest and greatest comes just in time for its 10th anniversary and not a moment sooner.

Rumors are circulating the actual release of this device to be closer to 2018 for people to start getting their hands on the unit. Nonetheless, it’s a well-anticipated advancement for many who have already bit the Apple with previous year models.

Be sure to let us know if you’ve heard of any interesting Apple updates. We’d love to hear from you.

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