Help!! I Need to Learn How to Use My Apple!

If you are new to Apple devices, then don’t feel bad if you feel lost. Apple operating systems are in fact user-friendly, but they are different from Windows, and we get that. What we want you to know is that everyone was new to Apple once just like you, and all you really need are a few pointers, guidance and an easy round of lessons.

Coastal Computers has got your back! We offer One on One Training, Group Training and a whole lot of help for the first-time user, or even the experienced user who just wants to learn more. The only person expected to know it all about Apples is, well, us!

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MacBook Smackdown for 2016 Release

While many of the critics found the changes to be too subtle, we decided to give you the breakdown that this little device deserves. It may not be easy to consume as there wasn’t anything earth shattering with the newest and lightest model, but if you’re thinking about spending the $1300 for a new MacBook, we believe that it’s well worth it. Here’re the reasons why: Read more