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What’s better than being generous and giving back to your community? The answer is making donations quick, easy and efficiently with Apple Pay. Per the website, Third Sector, people can now make payments to their favorite non-profit or cause without having to add your data multiple times. Apple Pay is taking the guess work out of being charitable, and one of the best features allows you to give on the spot without filling out long forms or going through a multitude of prompts. Way to go Apple Pay!

Next, ‘Hot off the Apple-Press’! Apple told reporters at the BBC the following statement “The technology built into today’s iPhone represents the best data security available to consumers, and we’re always working to keep it that way,” spokesperson. Does this mean that Apple insists on providing the most secure system on the planet? We think it does at least so far. What was also interesting is Microsoft’s response was “are aware of the report in question” and “urgently considering the matter.” Don’t you just love how this issue has raised the bar, and the company giving us the most confidence when it comes to security remains the same…Apple.

While we’re sad to announce this, we think it’s best to hold off jumping into the iPhone 8. The good news is there’s rumor a different model is on the horizon. While we haven’t been given any new updates on the release or whereabouts this next model is we are staying on top of the latest. However, we hear great news about the iPhone 6 with an updated 32 gigabytes of storage. The gold finish is swanky making this an excellent upgrade all around. Keep up without blog to find out more details.

Look for April 4th being a big day for the company as they will be scheduled to have a release event for both the iPad Pro 2 and iPad Mini 5. While the feds at Apple are keeping tight-lipped, we do know this is a long overdue expectation for the many users. The event will take place in the renovative Steve Jobs Theater which we think is cool. Nonetheless, we are anxious just like everyone else to hear about the innovations.

These are just a few of the tidbits of hot news we recently learned. Feel free to leave your comments or topics you’d like for us to cover. We are your best computer ninjas in Boca Raton.

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