The Lazy Man’s Guide to the iPhone 7

While the reviews on Apple’s latest release expected to hit markets after Sept 16th, has been a bit askew, there are several positive aspects to both the iPhone 7 and 7plus. Here’s a few highlights reflecting the buzz around Tim Cook’s soon to be next hot product. We put together these highlights so you can read one article and get the cliff notes, making this the ideal blog for the laziness in all of us. Read on!

Finally, a waterproof version and just in time for people wanting to understand this technology. Much like the Galaxy 7s this phone will not flip out if you drop it in your pool or toilet. Hey, it happens, and we’re just excited to know that our investment is now being protected. This is one feature I’m sure most of us will love once any of the bugs are worked out.

Besides the inevitable for improvements, this phone was designed with Apple’s philosophy “It’s All About the User Experience”. While that may be their famous slogan adopted years ago by the great Steve Jobs, the phone has a much easier user interface, especially with features such as the camera.

Now with dual-lens capabilities, the phone has been set up to be a phonetography dream. The zoom shots are outstanding and provide 2x the optical zoom and up to 10x the digital zoom, allowing for clear shots without pixilation from further distances.

Another incredible trait this phone has been constructed with is the camera flash is 50% brighter, making night shots and close ups much clearer. The higher the millimeter of the lens, the more expensive the phone will run. However, the upgraded phone with 32GB and the higher end camera with 56mm lens is only running around $20 more. The phone can be pre-ordered now at the Apple Store, online and at Verizon. Our suggestion would be to let it go for a few months to see how it’s received before making the investment.

The other great news is aesthetically there are now five color finishes to choose from Glossy
Black, Rose and Gold for those wanting to change it up a bit.

The biggest complaint as of so far, is there is no headphone jack to plug into. However, Apple developers are contemplating a 3D audio technology to make up for this downtrodden mishap. Wireless audio is the way to go, and there’s no way Apple will give up quality of sound in their market.

We mentioned bugs being worked out earlier and we all know that with any new technology, there will be issues that will be addressed. We just know there’ll be plenty of things to discuss in our tech talks over the next few months regarding the iPhone 7. Let us know what you’re looking forward to with this new device.