Typical MAC Problems and How to Trouble Shoot Them

While Mac computers are one of the best systems around, they aren’t 100% foolproof. There are several reasons you could run into issues, but we want to point out the most likely reasons your MAC could be running slow or just not performing at its best.

If you notice your computer is starting to experience a lot of lag time or is becoming more stagnant when operating, you will want to check the system to see if it’s using too much memory or if there is a bigger problem. Go to your Utility menu and do the following:

Open the Activity Monitor, then select memory. If the memory graph is green, then you should be good to go. However, if the graph shows amber or red, then it’s most likely running too many programs at the same time creating a memory bottleneck. Close all programs you aren’t using then restart your computer. If the problem continues there could be a deeper issue.

Battery life is one of the biggest reasons your computer doesn’t hold a charge any longer. You can try to remedy this situation by completely removing the battery and re-installing. Another solution is to address the System Management Controller by shutting down your MacBook. Connect the MagSafe Power Adapter and hold down Control>Shift>Option>and the Power Button for a count of four then release all at the same time.  If this fails, it’s time to purchase a new battery.

Wifi connections were reported as being an issue as well. Many smart homes or additional appliances that are running at the same Hz frequency could be deterring your Mac from operating efficiently. Access your router’s settings, select the 5GHz network. Go to System Preferences>Network>Wi-Fi>Advanced then find the 5GHz network. This solution should give you more speed and stop losing your WiFi connection.

Of course, these are the most common problems you may face with your MacBook or MacBook Pro. But, if there are multiple issues its best to seek the help of a certified technician that is qualified to work on Mac computers and laptops.

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