Upgrade Or Buy New? What To Consider When Replacing your Apple Device

Most people have been in the same position before. You had a great Apple device and now it’s either lost or damaged beyond repair. So you have to buy a new unit. But you just can’t decide whether to replace the one you had outright or whether to upgrade and go for a newer model altogether. Sound familiar? Well, to help you out of this quagmire, here are a few pointers to follow next time you’re caught in the same predicament.

How old is the model you’re replacing?

The first thing to evaluate is the production age of the device you’re trying to replace. Forget when you bought the particular unit; check how old it’s been since the model has been in stores. If it has been long, then that means that the model is relatively old as far as Apple products are concerned. Anything older than 2 years can be termed as old in terms of production age. And if that is the case then you probably should upgrade. If the unit was ‘younger’ than this then it won’t be so bad if you just the replace it with a similar model.

Were you planning to upgrade soon?

Most Apple users are tech savvy and like to upgrade their units so that they can have the latest and most advanced iPhone, iPad or other Apple device. So ask yourself if you would have replaced the unit you lost any time soon. If you were, then you definitely should upgrade now that you have a good reason to do so. If you were not planning to upgrade soon then you still have to debate whether to upgrade now or stick to what you had.

What’s the price difference between the two units?

Another good way to get out of this conundrum is to evaluate the price difference between the unit you had and the unit you want to upgrade to. As you can imagine, the price difference widens the farther apart the Apple models are. For example, let’s say you had an iPhone 5S and now you’re thinking of upgrading to an iPhone 7. Understanding how much money you’ll need to top up will also help you decide if you want to go for the iPhone 7 or maybe compromise and go for something a little further down the production line, say an iPhone 6.

Is the Apple model you had still in production?

As Apple keeps producing new products, they also stop the production of some of the older ones. So if you had an old model of say an iPad 2, you might not be able to replace it even if you wanted. And that’s because its production was halted by the company way back in 2014. So check to see if your old unit is still available in stores first.

Once you evaluate all these factors you should now have a better idea of what your next move should be. And as long as you’re buying a legit Apple product, you can be sure you’ll be just fine either way.

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