Ways to Personalize Your MAC Computer

Do you remember the very first day you got your MAC computer? Without a doubt, you remember the beautiful white or silver exterior and how the keys felt the first time you laid your fingers on them. That’s memory, no MAC user ever forgets. However, we’ve become more advanced with the many gizmos and gadgets on the market today. We’ve found a few we’d like to share with you to help you personalize your MAC computer.

If you love your computer and would like to give it a facelift, then we’ve got the answer for you. Skins or cases are becoming more popular giving your MAC a whole new appearance. From Bohemian to the solar system, skins are an excellent way to express your outer child. You can find skins from Etsy to eBay and everywhere in between. Be sure to select one with the correct dimensions. Price point runs around $25-$50 depending on the design and manufacturer.

In addition to the beautiful skins that are out there, another way to personally brand your MAC is how you carry the laptop. Meaning, what type of carrying case are you toting your MAC around? From leather to organically grown products, there’s everything from book bags to clutches. Why not be fashionable before you break out the goods? Price points can range anywhere from $10-$200 for a cool carrying case. Be sure to look on Pinterest for some grand ideas.

Coupled with a great skin and carrying case, don’t forget to include your headphones as a way of expressing your personality when on your MAC. For the Dre Solo 3 Wireless headphones, they’ve come out with Watercolor Dreamcatchers full body skins for Beats. These are great headsets with an excellent look just right for you. Be sure to visit the Apple Store or iTunes for your first wrap. Or maybe we should say ‘rap’ in some cases? Either way, the music will sound better, and you’ll be sporting that ultra-fun accessory.

Whether your MAC is brand new or you need an update for your trusty and loyal computer, these accessories will undoubtedly help you personalize your laptop as well as give it a little personality. We hope you find this article helpful. Be sure to look up some of our other articles to learn how to maximize your computer or device.

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