What NOT To Do If Your Phone Gets Wet

Try as you may, your phone is bound to get wet at some point. And that, as you well know is disastrous. The ‘life’ of your phone, as you know it, could come to an abrupt end. Trust us on this; we have seen more ‘dead’ phones damaged by moisture than we care to count. In our earlier post we talked about how to try and recover your phone in case it gets wet accidentally. We also thought it would be a good idea to tell you what NOT to do as you try to recover your phone. Read on to see the don’ts.

DON’T put it away to dry on its own

You might think that it’s wise to put your phone away for it to dry slowly on its own but it’s not. Unless you’re putting the phone in desiccants as advised in our other post, then your phone won’t dry at all. That’s because the moisture already inside the phone will take too long to dissipate naturally. In fact, any liquid moisture inside the phone will remain there in its state unless it’s forcefully extracted. Leaving your phone to dry just allows more moisture damage to occur.

DON’T shake the phone

In other cases, people naturally result to shaking their phones vigorously in an attempt to remove the liquids in and around the phone. Again, this is not going to work. While shaking your phone might displace some droplets on the phone’s surface, it won’t do any good for the moisture already inside the phone. If anything, shaking your phone will only drive the moisture deeper into the phone, causing even more damage. So no shaking at all; keep the process as gentle as possible. In fact, act as though you’re James Bond trying to diffuse a bomb.

DON’T put the phone in a microwave, oven or dryer

When phones get wet, some people deduce that heat is the solution. Scientifically speaking, there is a bit of logic there. However, phones do not (and never have) mix well with heat. So putting your phone in a microwave, oven or dryer will NOT dry your phone. You may try to be extremely careful and just apply enough heat to evaporate the moisture but chances are that you’ll only end up frying your phone. The risk is just too much. And not only can you permanently damage your phone, these methods are dangerous because the phone could explode if too much heat is applied.

DON’T turn the phone on to check if it’s ok

This one seems perfectly harmless but it’s just as bad as all the other ideas posted here. It’s an instinctive reaction, and we understand why you’d want to do that – but please don’t. You just might blow any chance you have of recovering your phone. You see, your phone is an electric device full of electrical current, circuits, and so forth. If you turn the phone on when it’s wet, and these electrical parts are wet as well, the internal components will short-circuit. And that will be the end of that.

So avoid these poor decisions and stick to the options we have provided on our earlier post.

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