What To Do If Your Phone Accidentally Gets Wet

At one time or another, you are bound to get your phone wet. It could be the sweat around your temple after talking under the heat for long, it could be due to a spilled cup of coffee on your desk, it could be that your phone fell into the toilet – the possibilities are many and diverse. But the only thing that matters when this happens is to save your phone from suffering permanent damaged. So we’ve put together a short simple guide of how you can go about doing that. Check it out.

Get it out of the water

In most cases, phones fall into the water, be it in the sink, toilet, bucket, etc. Whatever the case, get your phone out of the wet environment it’s in. The longer it stays there – the more irrecoverable the damage. Every second counts here. So use your special powers to swoop in and get your phone out of there.

Take it apart

Once your phone is out of the water or wet environment, take it apart quickly and gently. Be careful not to yank on anything lest you break parts. Normally you should take out the back cover, then the battery, the SIM cards (where applicable), and then the memory card. Doing so allows you to get rid of any water/moisture that has seeped inside the phone. If your phone cannot be taken apart, simply proceed to the next step.

Wipe away all visible moisture

Use a dry cloth, preferably something highly absorbent such as cotton, to wipe away all the visible water. Start with the inner parts of the phone and then proceed to the battery, SIM card, memory card, and then the outer parts. This is the most recommended mode of approach due to the priority of the phone’s components. If you’re using an iPhone or any other type of phone that can’t be dismantled, simply wipe the outer areas and proceed as explained below.

Use desiccants to extract internal moisture

In most cases, you’re not going to be able to dry all the water on the phone no matter how well you wipe your device – not unless it only got a light amount of moisture on the surface level. In all other cases, your phone will still have moisture inside it, even if you can’t see it. To extract that moisture, use desiccants such as silica gel. You can use any desiccants lying inside opened packaging around the house or you can buy some from stores. Put your phone in a bag full of desiccants and give it about 24hrs to dry. In the case of iPhones where the unit can’t be taken apart, leave the phone to dry for longer (say 48-72 hrs).

Other ways to dry your phone

  • Put the phone outdoors to dry but not under direct sunlight to avoid damage
  • Improvise with uncooked rice (yes, rice!). Rice is a great desiccant, and one that you’re bound to have lying around the house.

Take it to a phone repair specialist as soon as possible

If all else fails, take your phone to a certified repair specialist as a last result. At this point they may or may not be able to recover your unit. This will depend on how much water damage it suffered, how long it’s been since then, and what you did after the incident.

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