Why You Should Get Apple Training in Person

Picture this:

You’re on a tight deadline, moments away from finishing your project and within minutes your world comes to a howling stop. You’ve got MAC freeze! Apple computers are great until one of them crashes. In many cases, you may not have time to wait online or to make a trip to the Apple Store and wait for 45 minutes. If you’re like many people you’ll scour the internet for solutions on repairing” Ole Apple Sauce,” but who has time to watch a gazillion YouTube videos on repairing the problem? While there’s a plethora of great info, you may not get the best information or data from online courses. Especially something that is FREE. In this blog, we just might sway you to believe, training and lessons at our Boca Raton location might get you better results and here’s why.

Whether you take a course in a group or individually, learning hand’s on with the experts will prove to be invaluable next time your Macbook or iMac goes down. We can teach you how to use your device and give you the knowledge to get the computer up and running in a shorter time. But, why is that important?

If you have a deadline to meet with no time to waste, understanding the proper way to troubleshoot your computer’s problem will be useful in any situation. If you’re in a pinch and it’s too early to call your IT guy or gal, then the training will help you without worrying about reaching someone. Also, it’s better than scouring the net for advice as well.

Seeking answers on a place like YouTube can be helpful. However, how do you know you’re getting the most accurate and up to date information? The answer is, you can’t always know that the information you’re getting is precise. Unless you take lessons from a certified tech, specializing in Apple products, there’s no way of knowing what you’re finding is truth.

We have gone through years of training ourselves, and that makes us a credible partner in your education when it comes to the world of Mac computers. Whether you’re learning how to operate and use short cuts on the keyboard or something more complex, we can turn you into a MAC NINJA!

Contact us today for your group or individual lessons; we want you to go Coastal!

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